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E Series Instrument

There is a special SYNCO instrument microphone for any challenges facing the recorder: how to pick up the sound of an instrument purely; how to deal with the rude recording, either on stage or on the road; how to record quality sound without disturbing the musician...

To date, SYNCO has launched only 1 instrument condenser microphone - E10. But it is a microphone to suit your needs and budget. We are still on the way to develop the best microphones for recording, especially the instrument recording, and we are sure to excel in all disciplines that challenge each recorder.

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  1. SYNCO Mic-E10

    Rs. 14,000


    SYNCO Mic-E10 is a professional vocal mic with a cardioid condenser. The broad and balanced frequency response allows it to well perform its duty to record vocals and musical instruments. The 180Hz 12dB inbuilt low cut filter helps it to minimize room noises and peripheral noises such as wind and helps deliver elegant sound. It is also a choice for speech, performance, interview, live streaming, and more.