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M Series Camera

SYNCO camera microphones are a compact, light series of shotgun microphones that delivers clear, detailed sound to DSLR in particular, as well as mirrorless, video cameras, and mobile devices. “Ready-to-go” is definitely the keyword.

The unique shockproof design is the solution. The mic suspension design in M1 allows the mic to suspend over other components and completely protect the mic from collision with other components. The robust shock mount in both M1 and M3 isolates the mic from vibration noises. All this keeps the microphone for camera securely fastened in place while on the go.

SYNCO is developing microphones for beginners and professionals. Find the best suitable microphone for your needs - whether it is a camera mic, wireless mic, lav mic, shotgun mic, or instrument mic.

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  1. SYNCO Mic-M1

    Rs. 3,500


    SYNCO Mic-M1 is a mini, light DSLR microphone. It adopts a cardioid electret condenser that makes it more sensitive to sound details, a shock mount that mitigates unwanted shocks and vibrations, and a specialized windshield that protects the sound recording from environment noises. It is applicable to DSLR, smartphone, camcorder, audio mixer, recorder, and PC, and is suitable for interview, vlogging, outdoor filming, etc.

  2. SYNCO Mic-M2S

    Rs. 3,900


    SYNCO Mic-M2S is a camera mic launched for outdoor shooting particularly. Its 100Hz high-pass filter is easily switchable to cut down ambient noises, its SNR is set at 76dB to restore as many signal details as possible; its 32g-weighed metal construction isolates RF interference without adding heft to the rig; its 4-day long working life is ample for continued shooting...This camera microphone is perfectly suitable for mobile journalists, speakers, vloggers, and run-and-gun shooters.

  3. SYNCO Mic-M1S

    Rs. 4,500


    SYNCO Mic-M1S, the best phone microphone, provides mobile vloggers, video creators, and journalists with easy use experience and excellent sound performance. Of this, the upgraded shock absorption design tries to decentralize the vibrations and minimize the resulting noises, the ultra-compact size allows the phone microphone to sit comfortably on the recording devices without any setback for each operating, and the cardioid condenser guarantees excellent sound results.

  4. SYNCO Mic-M3

    Rs. 9,000


    SYNCO M3, a DSLR camera microphone, holds every detail to pick up sound better than any microphone of its size, including well-designed 3-level adjustable gain control, above-industry-average 100Hz low cut filter, and daily-use accessories. It helps add audio brilliance to the present visual feast. The strong compatibility gives this DSLR microphone every possibility to perform in a documentary, wedding, vlog recording, etc.