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S Series Lavalier

SYNCO lavalier microphones are a series of small, compact, portable microphones for daily use. It picks up nothing but the human voice. It is a great option for interviews, live streaming, podcasting, public speaking, teaching, etc. where hands-free operation is very necessary.

SYNCO upgrades and launches such wired lavalier microphones based on market demand and user experience. S6 is the first wired lapel mic released for common use. It carries typical functions and design features of the best lavalier microphone, such as wide device compatibility, long audio cable, and omnidirectional sound pickup. Then, S6D is provided for DOUBLE heads, S6P for DJI OSMO POCKET, S6M for MONITORING, S6E for EVOLUTIONARY change of S6, and S8 for the extended 8 meters long cable.

SYNCO professional lapel microphones, in addition to the said lav features, are also focused on reducing noises, catching sound details, improving recording quality, and simplifying every possible use. Thus come the advanced technologies and their upgrades, namely Clear Voice Capture (CVC), SYNCO audio decoding, real-time audio monitoring, and automatic device identification. Every step we take is to make our collar mics “Small to the eye, Big in function”. 

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  1. SYNCO Lav-S6P

    Rs. 8,000


    SYNCO S6P lapel mic is specifically designed for OSMO Pocket with 3.5mm to Type-C adapter. It is also applied to iOS/Android smartphones, DSLRs, camcorders, audio recorders, mixers, laptops, and PC with 3.5mm TRS/TRRS connector and 6.3mm adapter. It picks up sound equally from all directions in great detail with advanced technology. It is well suitable for sound pickup in the selfie, vlog recording, YouTube podcasting, and video recording.

  2. SYNCO Lav-S6

    Rs. 3,500


    SYNCO Lav-S6, a clip on microphone with 6m audio cable and phone/camera mode, picks up better sound with advanced CVC noise reduction technology. Interview, conference, live broadcast, teaching, YouTube vlog - all needs in the audio recording can be satisfied.

  3. Lav-S6E

    Rs. 4,500


    SYNCO Lav-S6E is a compact omnidirectional collar microphone improved with an automatic identification system and noise reduction circuit for better signal-to-noise ratio. It is compatible with smartphones, cameras, camcorders, computers, tablets, etc. It offers natural and uncolored vocal sound, ideal for live streaming, vlogging, podcasting, interview, presentation recording, etc.

  4. SYNCO Lav-S6M

    Rs. 3,900


    SYNCO Lav-S6M is an omnidirectional condenser lav mic with 6m recording cable, designed for smartphones, DSLR cameras, camcorders, audio recorders, mixers, and other recording devices. With Real-time Audio Monitoring System (RAMS) and the USB charging capability, it is superior to most lavaliers on the market. It is suitable for interviews, conferences, live broadcasts, teaching, special sound collection, etc.

  5. SYNCO Lav-S6D

    Rs. 3,300


    Dual-head condenser lavalier microphone SYNCO Lav-S6D combines CVC automatic noise reduction and SYNCO audio decoding technology to deliver high-quality sound with rich details and less noise. With a 19.7-feet durable audio cable, it picks up two sound sources at greater distances simultaneously. It is ideal for interviews, conferences, YouTube podcasting, teaching, video recording, etc.

  6. SYNCO Lav-S6R

    Rs. 4,500


    SYNCO Lav-S6R is an omnidirectional XLR lavalier microphone, with high sensitivity and low self-noise to capture clear natural sound. It works with XLR-equipped cameras, camcorders, audio recorders, and mixers that could supply 48V phantom power, perfect for video, interview, presentation, live streaming, vlogging, etc.

  7. SYNCO Lav-S8

    Rs. 2,800


    SYNCO clip on mic S8, an upgrade product to our S6, is easy to connect to capture broadcast-quality sound within a wider range of movement, thanks to the brand-new auto-identification system, the upgraded noise reduction technology, and the 26.2ft audio cable built in for the first time. It is applicable to the camera, audio recorder, iPhone/Android smartphone, and tablet, and is used in multi-scenarios like interview recording, speechmaking, live webcasting, and teaching.