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  1. SYNCO Mic-D1

    Rs. 32,000


    SYNCO Mic-D1 is a professional hypercardioid shotgun mic that has a 78dB SNR, CNC brass metal construction, and gold plated XLR connector. Its selectable high-pass filter minimizes unwanted noises and rumbles that are below 180 Hz. It is suitable for most professional video cameras, mixing boards, and recording devices which supply 48V phantom power, as well as those offering no phantom power such as DSLR and computer. It is sure to deliver broadcast quality sound either in the studio or on location.

  2. SYNCO Lav-S6P

    Rs. 8,000


    SYNCO S6P lapel mic is specifically designed for OSMO Pocket with 3.5mm to Type-C adapter. It is also applied to iOS/Android smartphones, DSLRs, camcorders, audio recorders, mixers, laptops, and PC with 3.5mm TRS/TRRS connector and 6.3mm adapter. It picks up sound equally from all directions in great detail with advanced technology. It is well suitable for sound pickup in the selfie, vlog recording, YouTube podcasting, and video recording.

  3. SYNCO G1(A1)

    Rs. 17,900


    SYNCO G1(A1) is a 1-trigger-1 professional wireless microphone at 2.4 GHz. The unique SyncoderTM Encrypted Transmission Algorithm allows it to realize precise audio signal pickup, the powerful transmitter and one-to-one concentrative response enable it to reach signals 70 meters away at max., the optional low cut filter as well as gain control make it possible to improve the signal level perfectly, and the rechargeable lithium battery guarantees its 8-hour-long working each time. The wireless microphone is excellent for stage performance, speeches, and vlog where one person talks to the camera. For 2-person interviews/ dialogues, G1(A2) is a better choice.

  4. SYNCO Lav-S6

    Rs. 3,500


    SYNCO Lav-S6, a clip on microphone with 6m audio cable and phone/camera mode, picks up better sound with advanced CVC noise reduction technology. Interview, conference, live broadcast, teaching, YouTube vlog - all needs in the audio recording can be satisfied.

  5. Lav-S6E

    Rs. 3,500


    SYNCO Lav-S6E is a compact omnidirectional collar microphone improved with an automatic identification system and noise reduction circuit for better signal-to-noise ratio. It is compatible with smartphones, cameras, camcorders, computers, tablets, etc. It offers natural and uncolored vocal sound, ideal for live streaming, vlogging, podcasting, interview, presentation recording, etc.

  6. SYNCO Mic-E10

    Rs. 9,900


    SYNCO Mic-E10 is a professional vocal mic with a cardioid condenser. The broad and balanced frequency response allows it to well perform its duty to record vocals and musical instruments. The 180Hz 12dB inbuilt low cut filter helps it to minimize room noises and peripheral noises such as wind and helps deliver elegant sound. It is also a choice for speech, performance, interview, live streaming, and more.

  7. SYNCO Mic-M1

    Rs. 3,500


    SYNCO Mic-M1 is a mini, light DSLR microphone. It adopts a cardioid electret condenser that makes it more sensitive to sound details, a shock mount that mitigates unwanted shocks and vibrations, and a specialized windshield that protects the sound recording from environment noises. It is applicable to DSLR, smartphone, camcorder, audio mixer, recorder, and PC, and is suitable for interview, vlogging, outdoor filming, etc.

  8. SYNCO Lav-S6M

    Rs. 3,900


    SYNCO Lav-S6M is an omnidirectional condenser lav mic with 6m recording cable, designed for smartphones, DSLR cameras, camcorders, audio recorders, mixers, and other recording devices. With Real-time Audio Monitoring System (RAMS) and the USB charging capability, it is superior to most lavaliers on the market. It is suitable for interviews, conferences, live broadcasts, teaching, special sound collection, etc.

  9. Synco CMic-V1

    Rs. 18,900


    CMic-V1 is the first USB powered large diaphragm condenser microphone of SYNCO. It features studio-grade specifications providing extended dynamic range, warm & clear sound, and strong SPL capability, and includes everything for live streaming, as well as for perfect recording in outdoor speech and home studio where sound detail capture is a necessity.

  10. SYNCO Lav-S6D

    Rs. 3,300


    Dual-head condenser lavalier microphone SYNCO Lav-S6D combines CVC automatic noise reduction and SYNCO audio decoding technology to deliver high-quality sound with rich details and less noise. With a 19.7-feet durable audio cable, it picks up two sound sources at greater distances simultaneously. It is ideal for interviews, conferences, YouTube podcasting, teaching, video recording, etc.

  11. SYNCO Lav-S8

    Rs. 2,200


    SYNCO clip on mic S8, an upgrade product to our S6, is easy to connect to capture broadcast-quality sound within a wider range of movement, thanks to the brand-new auto-identification system, the upgraded noise reduction technology, and the 26.2ft audio cable built in for the first time. It is applicable to the camera, audio recorder, iPhone/Android smartphone, and tablet, and is used in multi-scenarios like interview recording, speechmaking, live webcasting, and teaching.

  12. SYNCO Mic-M2S

    Rs. 3,900


    SYNCO Mic-M2S is a camera mic launched for outdoor shooting particularly. Its 100Hz high-pass filter is easily switchable to cut down ambient noises, its SNR is set at 76dB to restore as many signal details as possible; its 32g-weighed metal construction isolates RF interference without adding heft to the rig; its 4-day long working life is ample for continued shooting...This camera microphone is perfectly suitable for mobile journalists, speakers, vloggers, and run-and-gun shooters.

  13. SYNCO Lav-S6R

    Rs. 4,500


    SYNCO Lav-S6R is an omnidirectional XLR lavalier microphone, with high sensitivity and low self-noise to capture clear natural sound. It works with XLR-equipped cameras, camcorders, audio recorders, and mixers that could supply 48V phantom power, perfect for video, interview, presentation, live streaming, vlogging, etc.

  14. SYNCO Mic-M1S

    Rs. 4,500


    SYNCO Mic-M1S, the best phone microphone, provides mobile vloggers, video creators, and journalists with easy use experience and excellent sound performance. Of this, the upgraded shock absorption design tries to decentralize the vibrations and minimize the resulting noises, the ultra-compact size allows the phone microphone to sit comfortably on the recording devices without any setback for each operating, and the cardioid condenser guarantees excellent sound results.

  15. Synco Vlogger Kit 2

    Rs. 8,900


    The SYNCO vlogging kit 2 is another pack of every necessary equipment for amazing mobile video making, such as a camera microphone, a fill light, a smartphone holder, and a tripod. It differs from Kit 1 by the light and accessories. Just have a look at the details below and choose the one suitable.

  16. SYNCO Mic-D2

    Rs. 40,000


    SYNCO Mic-D2, a professional hypercardioid condenser broadcast microphone, is an excellent choice for video & audio recording. It carries a solid brass construction, extremely low self-noise, ultra-flat frequency response, and a gold plated XLR connector. It can be mounted on boom poles and tripods, and can be connected to camcorders easily with a XLRM-XLRF cable. 

  17. Synco Vlogger Kit 1

    Rs. 167,900


    The first SYNCO vlog kit is a complete combination of every piece of equipment you need in each live streaming. It mainly consists of a directional microphone, a fill light, and a smartphone video rig, a tripod, intended to be a perfect solution for premium content creating.

  18. SYNCO Mic-D30

    Rs. 25,900


    SYNCO Mic-D30, a professional highly directional camera microphone, is launched to be an "audio technician". It is equipped with a sophisticated microphone amplifier to boost the sound signals while maintaining low self-noise. D30 provides transparent sound performance and flexible functionality diversification. It works very well with cameras, camcorders, smartphones, recorders, laptops, tablets, and bodypack transmitters.

  19. SYNCO WMic-T1

    Rs. 21,000


    SYNCO WMic-T1, including 1 transmitter and 1 receiver, runs an affordable wireless lavalier microphone system. The effective working distance is about 50 meters in the open areas. It is compatible with smartphones, digital/SLR cameras, camcorders, recorders, tablet computers and other devices, and is suitable for interview, micro film recording, business demonstration, and other occasions.

  20. SYNCO WMic-T3

    Rs. 65,000


    SYNCO WMic-T3 is a 1-trigger-2 UHF professional wireless microphone allowing 180m signal transmission at max. It has an inbuilt audio signal processing chip to filter radio-frequency interference and a 75Hz/150Hz low cut filter to reduce undesired noises. All this is intended to deliver pristine sound. This best wireless lavalier microphone is packed with professional keys, including multiple channels, seeable LCD screen, mute mode, and chargeable lithium battery. It is a perfect choice for hands-free, long-distance, extended-period filming.

  21. SYNCO WMic-TS

    Rs. 32,000


    SYNCO UHF wireless microphone system WMic-TS has 4 keywords, “professional”, “unique”, “innovative” and “adaptable”. The professional Wireless LinkLable UHF technology gives best-quality channel, unique Noise Blocker prevents interference of electromagnetic radiation, innovatively 180° foldable antennas carries a Microwave Integrated Circuit to ensure transmission of zero distortion and in long distance, and high/low output power gets the mic adaptable to different environments. It’s a best wireless microphone system to record dialogue, interviews, and speech to your video rig.

  22. SYNCO Mic-M3

    Rs. 9,000


    SYNCO M3, a DSLR camera microphone, holds every detail to pick up sound better than any microphone of its size, including well-designed 3-level adjustable gain control, above-industry-average 100Hz low cut filter, and daily-use accessories. It helps add audio brilliance to the present visual feast. The strong compatibility gives this DSLR microphone every possibility to perform in a documentary, wedding, vlog recording, etc.

  23. SYNCO WMic-TS Mini

    Rs. 22,000


    SYNCO WMic-TS Mini is a 1-to-1 UHF wireless microphone and a reduced version of WMic-TS. The wireless microphone also runs the SYNCO Wireless LinkLable technology to achieve long-distance transmission, depends on the SYNCO Noise Blocker to lock out the interference for better sound performance, holds foldable antennas for easy carrying , and features selectable output power for different signal strength. It’s a cost-effective solution for recording dialogue, interviews, and speech with one person talking.