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T Series UHF Wireless

SYNCO, a wireless microphone manufacturer in China, provides the best wireless microphones on UHF band with a built-in mission: stay adjustable, stay true. We allow a choice of several channels and the use of multiple wireless microphone systems at the same time in the same location. Our wireless microphones allows public speakers, interviewers, performers, and entertainers to move freely, avoids cabling problems commonly existing with wired microphones, and reduces the occurrence of cable trip hazards during performing.

Different from our G Series 2.4GHz Wireless Microphones, the UHF wireless microphone systems offers much longer, more stable, and even safer transmission with less interference. The transmitter(s) and receiver are combined to build a professional wireless microphone system to support a wide variety of devices such as DSLR, camcorders, and computers, to achieve stable, smooth signal transmission, and to finally get quality desired sound with minimal noises.

SYNCO is always ready for every audio challenge and is actively expanding our audio equipment business globewide on a basis of the strong R&D capabilities, professional sales force, and experienced marketing team. We are looking forward to partnering with you to promote all our types of microphones and to make every of your voices be heard. Become a dealer of SYNCO for every possible business opportunity!

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  1. SYNCO WMic-T1

    Rs. 21,000


    SYNCO WMic-T1, including 1 transmitter and 1 receiver, runs an affordable wireless lavalier microphone system. The effective working distance is about 50 meters in the open areas. It is compatible with smartphones, digital/SLR cameras, camcorders, recorders, tablet computers and other devices, and is suitable for interview, micro film recording, business demonstration, and other occasions.

  2. SYNCO WMic-T3

    Rs. 65,000


    SYNCO WMic-T3 is a 1-trigger-2 UHF professional wireless microphone allowing 180m signal transmission at max. It has an inbuilt audio signal processing chip to filter radio-frequency interference and a 75Hz/150Hz low cut filter to reduce undesired noises. All this is intended to deliver pristine sound. This best wireless lavalier microphone is packed with professional keys, including multiple channels, seeable LCD screen, mute mode, and chargeable lithium battery. It is a perfect choice for hands-free, long-distance, extended-period filming.

  3. SYNCO WMic-TS

    Rs. 32,000


    SYNCO UHF wireless microphone system WMic-TS has 4 keywords, “professional”, “unique”, “innovative” and “adaptable”. The professional Wireless LinkLable UHF technology gives best-quality channel, unique Noise Blocker prevents interference of electromagnetic radiation, innovatively 180° foldable antennas carries a Microwave Integrated Circuit to ensure transmission of zero distortion and in long distance, and high/low output power gets the mic adaptable to different environments. It’s a best wireless microphone system to record dialogue, interviews, and speech to your video rig.

  4. SYNCO WMic-TS Mini

    Rs. 22,000


    SYNCO WMic-TS Mini is a 1-to-1 UHF wireless microphone and a reduced version of WMic-TS. The wireless microphone also runs the SYNCO Wireless LinkLable technology to achieve long-distance transmission, depends on the SYNCO Noise Blocker to lock out the interference for better sound performance, holds foldable antennas for easy carrying , and features selectable output power for different signal strength. It’s a cost-effective solution for recording dialogue, interviews, and speech with one person talking.