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V Series Condenser

A condenser microphone, simply put, features an internal diaphragm that functions like a capacitor allowing it to capture a much wider range of frequencies than other types of mics. The delicate construction of the lightweight diaphragm makes the mic much more sensitive, therefore capturing sound with great accuracy.

SYNCO V Series is a selection of quality condenser microphones. It is an ideal choice for studio recording, or for capturing quality sound when podcasting and even live streaming in closed environments.

If you value detail, clarity across all frequencies, and fidelity, you need a V1. SYNCO CMic-V1 is a large diaphragm condenser microphone, a cardioid condenser microphone, as well as a USB condenser microphone to be a versatile recording solution. Get it to make all the difference in delivering a quality recording.

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  1. SYNCO CMic-V1

    Rs. 25,000


    CMic-V1 is the first USB powered large diaphragm condenser microphone of SYNCO. It features studio-grade specifications providing extended dynamic range, warm & clear sound, and strong SPL capability, and includes everything for live streaming, as well as for perfect recording in outdoor speech and home studio where sound detail capture is a necessity.