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SYNCO Lav-S8 Wired

The Best S Series Lavalier Wired Microphone

SYNCO Lav-S8 Wired


Explore our range of high-quality audio solutions at SYNCO Pakistan, featuring the latest SYNCO microphone and wireless microphone options from the SYNCO G Series 2.4G microphone lineup.

SYNCO Lates Products

SYNCO Provides Quality Wired Microphones

Our selection of SYNCO D Series microphones provides versatility for a variety of uses, including live performances and studio recordings. Perfect for both performers and public speakers, the SYNCO T Series microphones are erected for flawless vocal reproduction.

Also, the SYNCO M Series microphones are designed to produce recordings of broadcast quality, offering pristine sound quality for colorful operations similar as podcasts and interviews. For donations, interviews, and video systems, our SYNCO S Series Lavalier Microphones give separate yet effective sound prisoner if you need hands-free options.

With decoration microphones and other accessories included, our SYNCO K Series Vlogger Kits offer comprehensive results for prospective content generators, making it simple to get started with vlogging. Anyhow of the audio conditions you have, SYNCO Pakistan is devoted to furnishing top- notch products.

SYNCO G3 Recording Wireless Mic 8
G Series 2.4G Poster DS

G Series 2.4G

Trending Products

Discover the latest in audio innovation with SYNCO Pakistan trending products. From the versatile SYNCO S Series Lavalier Microphones to the all-inclusive SYNCO K Series Vlogger Kits, and an array of SYNCO Audio Accessories, stay ahead of the curve and elevate your audio game with our cutting-edge offerings.

G Series 2.4G

SYNCO G2(A1) 1 Transmitter Wireless

P Series Phone

SYNCO P1L Wireless Lavalier Microphone

D Series Broadcast

SYNCO D1 Hypercardioid Shotgun

M Series Camera

SYNCO M3 DSLR Camera Microphone

T Series UHF

SYNCO WMic-T3 Wireless Mic

K Series Vlogging

SYNCO Vlogging Kit 2 Microphone


Explore the extensive product gallery at SYNCO Pakistan, showcasing a diverse range of premium SYNCO microphones and audio accessories. From professional-grade microphones to essential audio tools, our gallery is your one-stop destination for all your audio needs.


Customers are consistently impressed by the quality and performance of our products at SYNCO Pakistan. Explore our website to read reviews and see the videos to know why our SYNCO microphones and accessories are garnering rave reviews from satisfied customers.

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