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Small Audio Mixer SYNCO MC3-LITE

Combining SYNCO audio accessories with their compact audio mixer, the MC3-LITE provides an easy-to-use mixing solution. SYNCO MC3-LITE features offers a combination of signals from numerous biases and has four affair anchorages in addition to three input types. Content creators can achieve optimal live streaming performance by acclimating the audio in real-time with the aid of the separate gain control dial and monitoring harborage.

All-in-one Solution

All-in-one Solution

A result of one by one is provided by the SYNCO MC3-LITE. SYNCO MC3-LITE specifications has three different input options: wifi connectivity, a 3.5 mm line-in jack, and a 3.5 mm mic-in jack. The SYNCO MC3-LITE price four-channel audio mixer allows for the rapid blending of several sources. The SYNCO MC3-LITE microphone four 3.5 mm affair channels are made to meet the demand for simultaneous live streaming on multiple biases.

Smart Processing

The SYNCO MC3-LITE quality may reuse signal with minimal quiescence because to its integrated DSP processor. Accepting the incoming sound in mono or stereo and treating the sounds in the same way is appropriate.

Smart Processing
Wireless Connection

Wireless Connection

An audio mixer with Bluetooth, the SYNCO MC3-LITE performance, can be wirelessly connected to a media player, tablet, or smartphone. To finish the connection, two steps are required. To establish a connection, press the mixer's wireless connection button and search for "MC3-LITE" on your phone's Bluetooth interface.

Independent Control

A compact audio mixer featuring gain position control is the SYNCO MC3-LITE recording. Every affair channel features a gain control phone that can be adjusted from 15 dB to 15 dB. In contrast to complying with a button, stepless, and smooth control can be achieved with the dial.

Real-time Monitoring

Real-time Monitoring

With a click of the Affair/Monitoring Switch, the 3.5 mm Affair HP Port can be switched between Monitoring and Affair. Users can view the simultaneous output of the SYNCO MC3-LITE specs microphone recording sound and the background music (media players) in real time once monitoring is activated. When instantaneous audio correction is required for streaming, such as live streaming or podcasts, using the SYNCO MC3-LITE technology audio mixer might be useful. For a high-quality set-up for live streaming, check out the SYNCO Vlogger Kit 2, which comes with a tripod, video light, and directional microphone for a one-stop shop.

SYNCO Special Features


Input Jack 3.5mm Line-In; 3.5mm Mic-In; Wireless Connection Input
Output Jack3.5mm Stereo Output
Audio Distortion<0.1%
Frequency Response20Hz-20KHz
Gain Control-15~15dB
Input Voltage / Currency5V/500mA
Monitoring Output Power76mW
Monitoring Output Impedance32Ω
Battery Life4H
Battery Capacity500mAh
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