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Wired Lavalier Microphone, SYNCO S6M2

The updated wired Lavalier microphone is called the SYNCO Lav-S6M2. Along with the crucial real-time monitoring feature, it also has a low cut filter and gain control to react quickly to complex environments, a rechargeable large-capacity lithium battery to continue operating after a full day of use, and a SYNCO Lav-S6M2 features process style to improve audio signal and reduce common-mode noise. All of this is meant to eliminate any potential restrictions when utilizing this Lavalier microphone for streaming and producing excellent recording quality.

Mathematics Plays a Role

Mathematics Plays a Role

The rearmost lavalier Lav-S6M2 specifications operate a complex functional amplifier and apply the Mathematics Process style to intricate signal processing. SYNCO Lav-S6M2 details contribute to the delivery of clean, pure audio with extremely low tone noise by immediately suppressing common mode noise and significantly boosting the voice signal. The Lav-S6M2 uses model, which is named for its real-time monitoring system, has been enhanced with new professional functions.

These Lav-S6M2 microphone technologies include a 150Hz commutable Low Cut Sludge to roll off low-frequency noises caused by conflicts, air conditioners, businesses, etc., and a 9dB wide-range Gain control to take flexible position control for different conditions. As a result, the elegant wired Lavalier microphone S6M2 is less inflexible.

Additional Functions Meet More Needs

Because the SYNCO Lav-S6M2 specs have an integrated 400mAh Li-ion battery, it can operate continuously for 40 hours while the audio monitoring is off. Simply use the Type-C rapid charge that is included to fully charge it in 1.5 hours.

Additional Functions
10-Min Charge Enables

10-Min Charge Enables 1-Hour Recording Time

Because the Lav-S6M2 audio quality has an integrated 400mAh Li-ion battery, SYNCO Lav-S6M2 design can operate continuously for 40 hours while the audio monitoring is off. Simply use the Type-C rapid charge that is included to fully charge it in 1.5 hours.

Connections Open to Varied Devices

With its dedicated Phone/Camera mode switch button, the SYNCO professional omnidirectional microphone S6M2 adjusts to various biases. This Lav-S6M2 accessories wired Lavalier microphone can be used by drug users with DSLRs, laptops, tablets, Android and iOS cellphones, camcorders, mixers, reporters, and other devices.

Connections Open
No limits on Uses

No limits on Uses

More mobility is possible with the SYNCO Lav-S6M2 application 6-cadence long microphone string, which is particularly useful for long-distance shots like those used in conferences, live broadcasts, YouTube vlogging, tutoring, and interviews. Its sleek look and straightforward lines are a visual feast for the eyes and add no novelty to the picture.

SYNCO Special Features


Frequency Response20Hz to 20KHz
Sensitivity-32dB +/-3dB/ 0dB=1V/Pa,1KHz
Max. SPL110dB
Gain Range9dB
Low Cut150Hz
Output Impedance1000Ω
Headphone Connector3.5mm TRRS
Audio Cable6 Meters/19.7 Feet
Output Connector3.5mm TRRS
Battery Requirement400mAh Built-in Battery
Battery Charging Time1.5h
Battery Life40h (Audio Monitoring Off)
30h (Audio Monitoring On)
Dimensions (L x Diam)60×33.8×17mm
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