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Expert Extremely Directional Shotgun Mic for Cameras SYNCO D30

The SYNCO Mic-D30 review is a professional, largely directional camera shotgun mic made to be an "audio technician". It functions exceptionally well with cameras, camcorders, cellphones, reporters, laptops, tablets, and bodypack transmitters. Additionally, it offers versatile usefulness diversification and transparent sound performance. To enhance sound signals while preserving low-tone noise, it also features an advanced microphone amplifier. See SYNCO camera mic D30-Inflexibility in a range of settings for assessments of SYNCO Mic-D30 specs for shotgun mics.

Stepless Analog

Stepless Analog Gain Knob

The D30 DSLR camera shotgun mic has a step-less analog gain clump that is nonlinearly adjustable from -10 dB to 15 dB. The microphone and headphone amplifiers are controlled by the SYNCO Mic-D30 features. For distortion-free audio, input signals or affair signals can be adjusted to the ideal location.

Doubled Sound Track Protection

The incorporated overdrive protection feature of the SYNCO Mic-D30 pricing stops the sound recording from distorting when the sound pressure reaches 124 dB SPL. The safety channel ensures that audio won't be lost or broken via a 10dB attenuation at the peak of SPL.

Doubled Sound Track
Real-time Audio Monitoring

Real-time Audio Monitoring System

A 3.5 mm TRS headphone monitoring connector is used to analyze what is later incorporated in the soundtrack of the SYNCO Mic-D30 comparison in real-time. The video camera's shotgun mic is utilized with headphones that have an impedance of less than 55 ohms to save energy.

Patented Type-C Interface

The mileage model patent is attached to the Type-C interface of the SYNCO D30. It is compatible with analog signaling. The SYNCO Mic-D30 condenser mic Type-C interface provides customers with high-quality sound quality by preserving far more audio detail than the standard 3.5 mm connection.

Patented Type-C Interface
75Hz150Hz Low Cut Filter

75Hz/150Hz Low Cut Filter

SYNCO Mic-D30 performance DSLR microphone produces the least amount of auditory disruption thanks to its ultra-low-noise recording circuitry. The sound is further refined by the optional 75Hz/150Hz low-cut filter, which eliminates the majority of low-frequency disturbances brought on by tailwind, vibration, electrical current, and business.

Acoustic Noise Canceling Array

The SYNCO Mic-D30 microphone Ox cornucopia-like texture, videlicet auditory Noise Canceling Array (ANCA), in conjunction with a super-cardioid condenser and a hindrance tube, enables the camera shotgun mic D30 to reuse sound swells, minimize off-axis noise, and concentrate on landing the audio in front of the capsule. The conversation sounds clear, crisp, and organic.

Acoustic Noise Canceling Array

SYNCO G3 Special Features


TransducerBack Electret Condenser
Polar PatternSuper Cardioid
Frequency Response20Hz to 20KHz
Dynamic Range119dB SPL (A-weight per IEC651)
Signal/Noise82dB(1KHz at 1Pa)(A-weight per IEC651)
Sensitivity-24dB±2dB (1dB=1V/Pa at 1KHz)
Max. Input SPL124dB SPL
Output Impedance16Ω (Headphone) 300Ω±20% (at 1KHz) (Line out)
Low Frequency Roll-off75Hz/150Hz
Output InterfaceType-C to 3.5mm
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