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Professional Vocal Mic SYNCO E10

A professional small mic with a cardioid condenser is the SYNCO Mic-E10. Because of its wide and well-balanced frequency response, it can capture lyrics and musical instruments with accuracy. Its 180Hz 12dB built-in low-cut filter reduces ambient noise and other disturbances like wind while enhancing the quality of the sound. Additionally, it can be used for live broadcasting, speeches, performances, interviews, and more.

Upgraded Cardioid Condenser Mic

SYNCO Mic-E10 features, a cardioid condenser microphone for lyrics, is incredibly sensitive to sound coming from directly in front of Professional audio recording, which helps to reduce sound feedback and unwanted background noise.

Broad, Balanced Frequency

Broad, Balanced Frequency Response

With a frequency response of 50Hz to 18000 Hz, this Premium microphone design Condenser microphone technology musical instrument microphone is perfect for recording a variety of sounds, such as singing sounds, acoustics, musical instruments, and lyrics, in excellent detail.

Super Anti-interference Design

The Studio-quality sound instrument microphone enhances recording clarity and quality by filtering out undesired rumbles, plosives, and portions of noise at 180 Hz with SYNCO Mic-E10 specifications elegant aluminum alloy enclosure and 12 dB low cutoff.

Super Anti-interference
Intended for Wide Compatibility

Intended for Wide Compatibility

The 3-leg XLRM connector on the Versatile microphone applications instrument condenser microphone is universal for the highest audio bias, working with audio mixers, archivists, camcorders, and cameras (requiring an XLRM to 3.5 mm string).

Flexible Power Supply

The High-performance audio capture fashionable instrument recording microphone, Mic-E10, accepts 48V phantom power in addition to 1.5V AA batteries. The Multi-pattern microphone latter is the best for audio mixers and archive professionals, whereas the former is for DSLRs, smartphones, and computers.

Flexible Power Supply
Mic Mount

Mic Mount for Extended Usages

To firmly secure the Noise-cancelling microphone in various settings, accessories such as a smash pole and mic stage are provided with an H-25 microphone mount. It fits attachments that have a 3/8" or 5/8" thread.

SYNCO Special Features


TransducerBack Electret Condenser
Polar PatternCardioid
Frequency Response50Hz to 18KHz
Dynamic Range106dB/ 91dB, 1KHz at Max SPL
Power Supply48V DC, 2mA/1.5V AA/ UM3
Signal/Noise75dB 1KHz at 1Pa
Sensitivity-35dB±2dB (0dB=1V/Pa at 1KHz)
Max. Input SPL130dB SPL/ 115dB SPL
Output Impedance250Ω±30%
Output InterfaceXLRM Connector
Built-in Bass180Hz 12dB
DimensionsΦ1.06″×7.87″ (27×200mm)
Net Weight6.4oz/180g
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