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Plug in Microphone for Phone SYNCO U1

The phone's draw-in microphone is the SYNCO MMic-U1. It comes in three types that can be directly connected to Android and iOS smartphones and tablets separately, depending on the type of connector. SYNCO MMic-U1 condenser mic makes it possible to mount the microphone for frontal or primary camera use because of its 90 degree rigidity. For on-the-go recording, the compact, essential construction may be stored in the fund or tossed into a bag. It's time for mobile bias to record high-quality audio.

Microphone in 3 Types

Microphone in 3 Types

The SYNCO MMic-U1 review has three different connectors: U1L for Apple mobile devices and other devices, U1T for Android phones and other Type-C devices; and U1P for 3.5 mm TRRS smartphones and tablets. SYNCO MMic-U1 user manual doesn't require any adapters, so there is no loss in sound quality.

Result Beyond Imagination

The draw-in SYNCO MMic-U1 professional microphone for cell phones features the SYNCO Instant Signal Processing Circuit that modifies the audio in real time and labors it directly to the mobile bias. With a cardioid condenser, it focuses on the sound it's pointing at with reduced air.

Result Beyond Imagination
Connector Always

Connectors Are Always Flexible

For Android and iPhone ®, the built-in SYNCO MMic-U1 comparison microphone can be rotated 90 degrees to align with the camera properly. To achieve the desired pick-up range and prisoner of this SYNCO MMic-U1 microphone, you can swivel the connector when using either the primary OR frontal camera for selfies.

Size Truly Tiny

The amazing SYNCO MMic-U1 features a phone microphone is so light that it can be added to any compact bias for mobile filming, weighing only 20g and being undetectable. SYNCO MMic-U1 performance never blocks the view on the screen or the lens of the camera and never makes carrying difficult. SYNCO MMic-U1 specifications don't require batteries, strings, or hands. Simply remove this phone's built-in power microphone from the fund or bag to begin your draw-and-play.

Size Truly Tiny
Construction Solid Enough

Construction is solid enough

When it comes to recording cycling, skiing, and hiking, the U1 draw-in microphone for phones is essentially manufactured, sturdy enough to withstand a variety of extreme rainy conditions, and adapt to different firing scenarios of SYNCO MMic-U1 price.

SYNCO Special Features


Frequency Response40Hz-20KHz
Sensitivity-35dB at 1KHz
Max. SPL120dB SPL
Power RequirementPlug-in power
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