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Small Diaphragm Condenser Microphone SYNCO V10

A tiny diaphragm condenser microphone designed to record lyrics and music instrument sounds is the SYNCO CMic-V10. The rejection of off-axis disturbances and the high location of gain are made possible by the hypercardioid directionality. Professional features such as attenuation, high-pass sludge, high-frequency boost, and frequency responsiveness all operate flexibly to make the condenser microphone suitable for a variety of tasks.

Genuine Field Recording

Genuine Field Recording

A hyperactive, cardioid-directional tiny diaphragm microphone condenser is included with the SYNCO V10. SYNCO CMic-V10 features is therefore ideal for capturing live performances since SYNCO CMic-V10 technology can capture even the smallest signals with explosive precision and reject off-axis disturbances such as as room air, echoes, and unexpected instrument sounds

Lossless Sound Quality

The SYNCO CMic-V10 specifications cardioid condenser microphone has an amazing gold-plated diaphragm that is highly responsive to both oral and musical sounds and explosively resistant to any erosion. Thanks to a SYNCO CMic-V10 sound flat and balanced frequency noise, it truly excels at rendering various sound sources, including high singing voices and genuinely deep, required sounds.

Lossless Sound
Legendary Sound

Legendary Sound Amplification

In order to get an even more clear high pitch, a tiny amplifier is installed to optimize the sound at 4-5 KHz. SYNCO CMic-V10 price allows the microphone to produce distortion-free sound without the need for an external amplifier. In all seriousness, this is the so-called "4K Legend Microphone Amplifier.

Enhanced Zero Distortion

The SYNCO CMic-V10 performance condenser microphone may be used with louder instruments thanks to the movable 10 dB attenuator, which protects the audio from distortion and hissing.

Enhanced Zero Distortion
Further Noise Reduction

Further Noise Reduction

With an SYNCO CMic-V10 microphone 82dB signal-to-noise ratio, low-noise circuitry produces a clear, transparent, and organic sound. The SYNCO CMic-V10 quality high-pass filter at 150 Hz rolls off low-frequency rumbles and undesirable tones.

Rugged Reliability

Strong and long-lasting, the all-metal construction is perfect for regular use. Like audio mixers, camcorders, and reporters, the SYNCO CMic-V10 details XLR connector offers a safe connection between the unidirectional microphone and maximum recording bias.

Rugged Reliability
Stereophonic Recording

Stereophonic Recording

To display a complete sound picture, the SYNCO CMic-V10 specs tiny diaphragm condenser microphone can also be purchased at a cost.

SYNCO Special Features


TransducerBack Electret Condenser
Frequency Response40Hz-18KHz
Signal/Noise82dB (1KHz at 1Pa)
Max. SPL130dB (T.H.D≤1% at 1KHz)
Sensitivity-32dB±3dB (1dB=1V/Pa at 1KHz)
Equivalent Noise Level
High Frequency Boost+3dB at 4~5KHz
High-pass Filter150Hz
Front Attenuator-10dB
Output ConnectorXLR 3-Pin
Operating Voltage12V-52 V (Phantom Power)
Operating Current≤2mA
Dimensions (φ×L)23 x 145mm
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