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External Microphone for iPhone® and Android SYNCO P1T/L

Together with SYNCO P1T/L microphones, the P1 family of external microphones for iPhone ® and Android phones offers an unparalleled wireless audio experience. The P1T microphone for Android phones and the P1L microphone for iPhone ® are the two variants that are included. With its one-valve design, unbelievable through-wall signal stability, dual charging capabilities, and eye-catching color options, SYNCO audio goes above and beyond to deliver an excellent mobile recording experience for gamers, podcasters, and vloggers.

SYNCO P1L Wireless

Wireless Microphones for mobile phones

A range of recording microphones for Android and iPhone ® phones is called SYNCO P1T/L wireless mic. While the P1L, with its Lightning connector, is intended for use with the iPhone ® or iPad ®, the P1T, with its Type C connector, is compatible with Android handsets.

One-to-one 2.4G System

One clip-on wireless transmitter with an integrated microphone, a device-mountable receiver, and a portable charging case are included with this tackle. The SYNCO P1T/L lapel mic receiver provides a direct digital link to the phone by mounting straight to the phone's housing. The target can even wear the earbud-sized transmitter on their lapel.

If you ever need to place SYNCO P1T/L transmitter microphones on two individuals and obtain a stereo mode, you can still easily select the SYNCO P2 binary microphone for your smartphone.

Two Colors

SYNCO P1T/L receiver presents the P1 podcast microphone, available in two gorgeous colors—Pearl White and the brand-new Stone Blue—for iPhone ® and Android phones. They are meticulously crafted using cutting-edge makeup-dispersing technology and outstanding accessories, providing a sophisticated finish that is stain- and bruise-resistant.

Case for Wireless Charging

SYNCO P1T/L microphone system unveiled a charging case for a recording microphone for the first time. Placing the transmitter inside the case is all that is required to charge this case. The transmitter's red light indicates that it is charging. The phone powers the receiving end.

One Tap. Auto Setup

Hole-nominated is the charging case. The ActiveSenseTM contact pairing technology allows the microphone receiver and transmitter to be instantly and incontinently set up with just a simple valve to open the charging case.

5 Hours, One Charge. 15 Hours The Case

Up to five hours of recording time are available with the tiny SYNCO P1T/L professional microphone for Android and iPhone ® phones. 45 minutes of fire are produced with just 10 twinkles of charge. Drug dealers may be able to obtain up to 15 hours of total recording time with the filing of two new charges.

Case Charger
Drawer-style Case

Transmission via Walls

The SYNCO P1 omnidirectional microphone for iPhone ® and Android is ideal for retaining the strongest possible signal position at a range of 164 feet/50 meters between obstacles because it uses the intelligent DSP chip and the rearmost SyncoderTM Encrypted Transmission Algorithm 3.0. The highest clear-in-sight transmission distance is 492 feet or 150 meters.

View the SYNCO U3, a high-quality directional microphone with a cardioid volley pattern and a string for connecting to a phone and automatically adapting to either a TRRS or TRS jack, for iPhones ® and other devices.

MEMS Technology

The SYNCO P1T/L mic kit revolutionary Micro Electro Mechanical System (MEMS) transforms the SYNCO wireless audio experience. The vlogging microphone for Android and iPhone ® now belongs to a new class of stable, featherweight, bitsy microphones.

Active Cancellation of Noise

This professional external microphone for the iPhone®® and Android phones features SYNCO Acoustic Noise CancellingTM technology, which uses a noise reduction chip to continuously eliminate low-frequency noise and produce faithful, clear sound with "depth in bass, delicacy in alto, and stability in treble.

In-Ear Monitor

SYNCO P1T/L audio equipment serves to provide a variety of audio sources, such as continuous recording and backgrounding, to vloggers, players, etc. This lessens the chance of hail damage and exposure to loud noises.

Nine Sound Effects

A little of a voice changer microphone, but the video mic is small. Original, Studio FX, KTV FX, Voice Modification, EDM (Electronic Dance Music), Baby FX, Manly to Womanish, Womanish to Manly, and Monster FX are among the nine imaginative sound products it offers. Simply alter your voice, then enjoy listening to your newly created sound!

Monster Halo Light Effect

To indicate that the condenser microphone for iPhone ® or Android is operational, the dynamic light strip, known as the SYNCO P1T/L recording device Videlet Monster Halo, flashes on the front of the respective transmitter and receiver. The acoustic experience is enhanced by this. Additionally, the battery life is displayed on the charging case.

Compact Size

SYNCO Special Features

Transmitter (TX )

Wireless TransmissionDigital 2.4GHz
RF Frequency Band2400-2483.5MHz
Frequency Response20Hz-20KHz
Working Distance492ft/150m (LOS area); 164ft/50m (NLOS area)
Sampling Rate48KHz
Bit Depth16Bit
SNR> 75dB
Battery TypeBuilt-in Lithium Battery, 120mAh
Battery Charging Time1.5H
Battery Life5H
Dimensions49x19x19 (mm)

Receiver (RX)

Wireless TransmissionDigital 2.4GHz
RF Frequency Band2400-2483.5MHz
Working Distance492ft/150m (LOS area); 164ft/50m (NLOS area)
Sampling Rate48KHz
Bit Depth16Bit
ConnectorType-C or Lightning Output
Power InputType-C
Dimensions49x30x9 (mm)

Wireless Charging Case

Battery TypeBuilt-in Lithium Battery, 300mAh
Battery Charging Time1.5H
Charging PortType-C
Power Requirement5V 2A
Dimension70x43x37 (mm)
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