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The SYNCO P1S phone comes with a noise-canceling microphone and a charging case

The SYNCO P1S is a phone microphone with noise cancellation. It comes with a charger case in the form of a drawer, a transmitter, and a receiver with a Type-C (P1ST) or Lightning (P1SL) connector. Together, the built-in condenser microphone, noise canceling feature, and Syncoder TM Encrypted Transmission Algorithm 3.0 provide high-quality audio. For versatile recording, the P1S has a one-button mute and volume adjustment capability. The P1S is a solid option for mobile recording because of its bus coupling, quick charge, and compact design.

SYNCO P1S Product
Improved Sound Quality

Enhanced Audio Clarity

The P1S specifications have a condenser microphone installed, which has a broad frequency response range and outstanding stability. The P1S can recreate minor variations in sound source and filter out low-frequency noise to provide real broadcast quality with just a single press of the transmitter's power button, activating the built-in noise reduction chip.

Wireless Transmission Within 492ft/150m

The sophisticated DSP processor and exclusive Syncoder TM Encrypted Transmission Algorithm 3.0 are carried over to the P1S cell phone noise-canceling microphone. Within 492 feet/150 meters, P1S performance can transmit clear and steady sounds (LOS area). Within 164 feet/50 meters, the audio remains seamless even if you shift your reverse to your smartphone or there is an obstruction between the TX and RX.

Flexible Volume Control

The P1S features a 5-position volume control with a maximum output of 50 dB. To adjust the volume, press the receiver's volume button. The volume position will then be displayed on the light strip index. You can mute the P1S review by double-pressing the button without having to switch off the entire system.

Flexible Volume
Drawer-style Case

Drawer-style Case With Auto Contact Pairing

The P1S review comparison phone noise canceling microphone comes with an ActiveSenseTM packaging design hole-style charging cover, as well as a cub-sized transmitter and receiver. Contact pairing technology is used, saving you the trouble of complicated pairing and setup by enabling you to connect the system and begin recording as soon as the box opens.

Nonstop Audio Pickup

A total of 15 hours of recording time are available with the P1S comparison. Five hours of recording are possible on a single full charge, and the charging case holds two additional charges. Additionally, 45 seconds of recording is guaranteed by the quick charging after a 10-minute charge.

Compact Size Designed For iOS & Android

The P1S price is comparable in size to a business card, measuring 70 * 43 * 37 mm overall. Take it in your trouser fund and set out on your friendly firing tour. There are two models available. The P1SL with Lightning is an iOS noise-canceling microphone, and the P1ST with Type-C connector is an Android device.

There Are Two Gorgeous Colors Available

Stone Blue and Pearl White are the two stylish colors available for the P1S mobile phone noise-cancelling microphone. The P1S specifications comparison availability frosted face is impervious to sweat and fingerprints, thanks to its superior spray-oil technology.

Indicator of Dynamic Light

Dynamic light strip placed on the front of the transmitter, receiver, and charging case using P1S performance analysis exclusive Monster Halo cool light effect. They serve as indicators for shearing, noise cancellation, volume adjustment, and left charging case power. Double-pressing the TX button of the P1S user experience will allow you to turn off the light effect.

Compact Size

SYNCO Special Features

Transmitter (TX )

Wireless TransmissionDigital 2.4GHz
RF Frequency Band2400-2483.5MHz
Frequency Response20Hz-20KHz
Working Distance492ft/150m (LOS area); 164ft/50m (NLOS area)
Sampling Rate48KHz
Bit Depth16Bit
SNR> 75dB
Battery TypeBuilt-in Lithium Battery, 120mAh
Battery Charging Time1.5H
Battery Life5H
Dimensions49x19x19 (mm)

Receiver (RX)

Wireless TransmissionDigital 2.4GHz
RF Frequency Band2400-2483.5MHz
Working Distance492ft/150m (LOS area); 164ft/50m (NLOS area)
Sampling Rate48KHz
Bit Depth16Bit
ConnectorType-C or Lightning Output
Power InputType-C
Dimensions49x30x9 (mm)

Wireless Charging Case

Battery TypeBuilt-in Lithium Battery, 300mAh
Battery Charging Time1.5H
Charging PortType-C
Power Requirement5V 2A
Dimension70x43x37 (mm)
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