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Professional Condenser Microphone SYNCO V2

The professional condenser microphone SYNCO CMic-V2 is made to provide outstanding audio recording performance. With a superior pop sludge and the same cardioid condenser as SYNCO V10, CMic-V2 is perfect for colorful activities like podcasting, live streaming, and videotape conferencing.

Conferencing Setup, Studio Sound

The enhanced cardioid condenser used by SYNCO CMic-V2 specifications is designed to reduce medium noise and focus on the target sound. It's the fashionable video conference microphone that works with Tencent Meeting, Zoom, and WebEx. SYNCO CMic-V2 features can recover natural plant-grade voice and pick up a lot of aural signals thanks to its high audio sample rate of 192 KHz/24 bit.

Professional Condenser Microphone
Utilitarian Filter

Utilitarian Filter, Compact Size

Mic-V2 has a premium pop sludge that can successfully block out oral air blasts without interfering with regular sound input, enabling the SYNCO CMic-V2 recording fashionable recording effect. SYNCO CMic-V2 price made V2 as small as possible, with the sludge and microphone measuring only 47 mm in width and 156 mm in altitudinous.

USB Connectivity, Full Compatibility

The SYNCO CMic-V2 is a USB microphone that can be powered by and immediately connected to computers, Macs, Android/iOS smartphones, and tablets over a USB harborage.

USB Connectivity
Real-time Monitoring

Real-time Monitoring, Excellent Flexibility

With SYNCO CMic-V2 microphone 3.5 mm monitoring jack, the CMic-V2 is a live broadcasting device that enables users to simultaneously cover their voice and the background music with headphones. This SYNCO CMic-V2 quality professional condenser microphone offers additional functional versatility by having individual controls for the mic and monitoring volumes.

Real Silence, Easy Control

Instead of detaching the microphone for a brief respite, users of this SYNCO CMic-V2 performance condenser microphone can quiet SYNCO CMic-V2 compatibility by pressing the damper button. With such a design, users can effectively prevent the unexpected noise that the microphone occasionally makes when they are taking a break or putting it up.

Real Silence
Robust Construction

Robust Construction, Less Interference

The robust casing of the microphone leads to lower hindrance and a long service life. The SYNCO CMic-V2 user manual desktop mic holder can forcefully hold up the microphone. The SYNCO CMic-V2 accessories malleable arm enables users to point it precisely to the target sound source.

SYNCO Special Features


TransducerElectret Condenser
Frequency Response20Hz-20KHz
Signal/Noise>90dB (1KHz, RL= infinity)
Sample/Bit Rate192KHz/24-bit
Sensitivity-36dB (1V/Pa at 1KHz)
Total harmonic distortion<0.05% (1KHz/0dBFS)
Output ConnectorUSB
Power Requirement5V 125mA
Cable Length1.8m
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