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Camera Mount Microphone SYNCO M2S

The SYNCO Mic-M2S is a camera mount microphone designed specifically for outdoor use. Its 76dB SNR is set to restore as many signal details as possible. SYNCO Mic-M2S review 32g-counted essence construction isolates RF interference without adding heft to the rig. Its 4-day working life is sufficient for ongoing troubleshooting.

SYNCO Mic-M2S features 100Hz high-pass filter is fluently commutable to reduce ambient noises. Run-and-gun shooters, speakers, vloggers, and mobile intelligence specialists are all excellent uses for this camera microphone.

Sound Performance Ensured

Sound Performance Ensured

The fundamental construction blocks out RF interference, the SYNCO Mic-M2S user experience 76dB pretty high SNR restores as many signal details as feasible, and the 100Hz commutable high-pass filter rolls off ambient noises like current sound and tailwind noises. All of this SYNCO Mic-M2S specifications reduce the number of people who ruin recordings and enhance audio quality.

Working Status Shown

The purpose of the LED index is to make using this on-camera microphone for DSLRs easier. When the microphone is powered on, it turns "green," and when the high-pass filter is activated, SYNCO Mic-M2S microphone turns "blue." Simply focus on firing and keep yourself away from any tumultuous activity.

Working Status Shown
Varied Devices Allowed

Varied Devices Allowed

The LED index is designed to facilitate the use of this SYNCO Mic-M2S comparison DSLR on-camera microphone. The microphone displays two colors: "green" when SYNCO Mic-M2S professional is turned on and "blue" when the high-pass filter is turned on. Just concentrate on firing and avoid engaging in any turbulent activities.

Outdoor Shooting Suited

Just 1 AAA alkaline battery is required to support 90- 110 hours (about 4 days) of continued working on the SYNCO Mic-M2S performance. The included wind muff and shock mount made of silicon rubber help minimize air interference and alleviate unwanted shocks and climate change. All this SYNCO Mic-M2S quality makes it a stylish directional on-camera microphone for out-of-door shooting with SYNCO Mic-M2S price.

Outdoor Shooting Suited

SYNCO Special Features


TransducerElectret Condenser
Frequency Response35Hz-18KHz
Dynamic Range (Typical)90dB
Maximum SPL120dB
Sensitivity-35dB±3dB/ 0dB=1V/Pa,1KHz
Power RequirementAAA Battery x 1
Output Connector3.5mm TRS
Battery Life100h
Dimensions (L x Diam)90×20.5mm
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