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Hypercardioid Shotgun Microphone for SYNCO D1 Voiceover

Professional hypercardioid shotgun mic for voice-over, SYNCO Mic-D1 features a gold-plated XLR connector, CNC brass essence construction, and 78dB SNR. Its adjustable high-pass filter reduces rumbles and other undesirable sounds below 180 Hz. SYNCO Mic-D1 review works with the best professional video cameras, mixing boards, and recording biases that provide 48V phantom power in addition to those that don't, like DSLRs and computers. Whether in the facility or on location, it will undoubtedly provide the sound of broadcast quality.

Broadcast Sound

Broadcast Sound Quality

The SYNCO Mic-D1 cardioid mic is a professional shotgun microphone intended for broadcast audio addition, videotape products, and voice-over work. Better audio signal transmission is ensured by its 78 dB signal-to-noise ratio (SNR).

Hyper-cardioid Pattern

The SYNCO Mic-D1 professional mic is a hyperactive-cardioid shotgun microphone designed for speech. Its high perceptivity of -32 dB(± 2dB) allows it to take up detailed, rich sounds directly in front of it while rejecting side and backward sounds.

Hyper-cardioid Pattern
CNC Brass Metal

CNC Brass Metal Construction

After CNC processing, the SYNCO Mic-D1 specs, which are composed of instrument-grade brass, have a sophisticated appearance and a sturdy construction. Brass produces a bright, clear sound tone without reducing aural vibrations. In addition, it gives SYNCO Mic-D1 condenser mic features a potent anti-interference capability.

4.48V Phantom Power/ AA Battery

The chic shotgun mic for voice-over SYNCO Mic-D1 price, features a gold-plated 3-leg robust XLR connector and is powered by 48V phantom power that may be obtained from most professional video cameras, mixing boards, or recording equipment. Additionally, SYNCO Mic-D1 audio quality runs for more than 100 hours on a single AA battery, making it perfect for DSLRs, PCs, and other devices without phantom power.

4.48V Phantom Power
Selectable 180Hz High-pass Filter

Selectable 180Hz High-pass Filter

The shotgun mic for voice-over SYNCO Mic-D1 microphone has a high-pass filter button that helps eliminate unwanted low-frequency noises and rumbles at 180Hz, such as footsteps and motor noises from boasters, air conditioners, record players, etc. Additionally, in the SYNCO Mic-D1 comparison some frequency disturbances are filtered out by the Mic-D1 tube using superior sound surge hindrance technology.

SYNCO Special Features


ElementBack Electret Condenser
Polar PatternHyper-Cardioid
Frequency Response40Hz – 20,000Hz
Signal to Noise Ratio78dB(1KHz at 1Pa)
Sensitivity-34dB/-32dB±2dB(1dB=1V/Pa at 1kHz)
Max. Input SPL130dB
Dynamic Range106dB/91dB 11kHZ at MAX SPL
Power RequirementsPhantom Power 48V/1.5V AA Battery
Battery Runtime100 hours
Output Impedance500Ω/600Ω(48V/1.5V)
Output ConnectorXLR 3-Pin Male
Low Frequency Roll-ofHigh-pass Filter
Dimensions (L x Diam)11.22 x 0.83 inches
Weight7.3 oz/207g
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