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Hypercardioid XLR Shotgun SYNCO Mic D2

The SYNCO Mic-D2 review, a hypercardioid XLR shotgun mic, is a fantastic choice for audio and video recording. It has a gold-plated XLR connector, an incredibly low tone noise, ultra-flat frequency response, and a sturdy brass construction. It can be fixed on tripods and smash poles, and an XLRM-XLRF string can be used to link it fluidly to camcorders.

Hypercardioid Polar

Hypercardioid Polar Pattern

Adopting a hypercardioid polar pattern and sound surge hindrance technology, the SYNCO Mic-D2 specs can effectively attenuate off-axis sound (- 18dB) to provide a fashionable sound pickup effect. It is relatively sensitive to certain directional sounds (- 32dB ± 3dB).

Ultra-flat Frequency Response

The range of a shotgun mic is 20Hz–20KHz. The shotgun XLR mic SYNCO Mic-D2 condenser captures accurate natural sound directly from the source, laboring over all the frequencies that we can perceive at that time thanks to its ultra-flat frequency response.

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Ultra-flat Frequency
Solid Brass Body

Solid Brass Body

For reliable construction and strong anti-interference, the CNC-crafted brass essence body is ideal for recording audio outdoors and capturing clear sound. This SYNCO Mic-D2 microphone shotgun mic with XLR affair's black patch finish makes SYNCO Mic-D2 price perform well in the rain and doesn't reflect any light when used for formal photos.

Extremely Low Self-noise

The expert XLR shotgun mic SYNCO Mic-D2 comparison boasts an exceptionally low noise floor of 12 dB (A-weighted) and 24 dB (CCIR 268-3). With an SNR of 80 dB, the microphone can transmit the requested signal as clearly as possible while cutting down on ambient noise. On request, SYNCO Mic-D2 professional audio performance is broadcast before the majority of microphones.

Extremely Low Self-noise
Gold Plated XLR Connector

Gold Plated XLR Connector

The SYNCO Mic-D2 performance has an XLR shotgun mic string, unlike the D30. With a standard 19.7 elevation XLRM-XLRF string, the universal gold-plated shielded 3-leg XLR connector connects to the best camcorders, smash poles, and tripods while facilitating obstruction-free signal transfer.

SYNCO Special Features


TransducerBack Electret Condenser
Polar PatternHyper-Cardioid
Frequency Response20Hz to 20KHz
Dynamic Range117dB (1KHz at Max. SPL)
Signal/Noise80dB (1KHz at 1Pa)
Sensitivity-32dB±3dB (1dB=1V/Pa at 1KHz)
Max. Input SPL130dB (T.H.D≤1% at 1KHz)
Output Impedance450Ω±20% (at 1KHz)
Output InterfaceXLRM
Power Requirement48V DC, 2mA
Dimensions0.75*9.84 inches
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