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SYNCO USB Electret Condenser Microphone CMic-V1M

An electret condenser microphone designed to capture natural, crystal-clear sound is the SYNCO CMic-V1M. Adopting a professional cardioid condenser and high-quality essence net, the CMic-V1M can precisely pick up the target sound while reducing the ambient noise, making SYNCO CMic-V1M features well-suited for video conferencing, broadcasting, and online education.

Plug & Play Cardioid Condenser Microphone

Similar to the V10, the CMic-V1M is a tiny diaphragm condenser microphone. SYNCO CMic-V1M specifications is useful for a variety of tasks, such as video conferences, live streaming, broadcasting, and online education. It works by using the cardioid polar pattern and the anti-interference essence net to enhance front-facing sound while reducing background noise.

Plug & Play Cardioid
Precise Reproduction

Precise Reproduction at the Original Level

With its broad frequency response of 20Hz–20KHz, the SYNCO CMic-V1M microphone can directly capture human voice and musical instrument sounds. SYNCO CMic-V1M details high sampling rate of 48 KHz/24bit and outstanding perceptivity of 45DB–3dB re 1 Volt/ Pascal allow SYNCO CMic-V1M specs to recreate crisp and precise audio signals, even with mild sound waves.

Clear Working Status Indicator

The electret condenser microphone's state is readily visible thanks to the operating status index, which is made up of five tiny LEDs. When the lights are muted, they become red; when they are working normally, they change green. The SYNCO CMic-V1M performance is flutter in time with the electrical position of the input signal, giving users a visual sense of the volume at which the input is currently and the ability to adjust it accordingly.

Clear Working
Seamless Switch

Seamless Switch for Immediate Silence

Users can adjust the operating status of the SYNCO CMic-V1M price condenser microphone at any time by using the mute button located on top of it. To activate the mute feature, just hit the mute button. This SYNCO CMic-V1M quality can eliminate the need to worry about changing the device's configuration, prevent capturing undesired sound, and save post-processing time.

Zero-Latency Monitoring

A 3.5 mm monitoring jack is included with the USB condenser microphone. Simply pair SYNCO CMic-V1M microphone details with your headphones to begin latency-free sound masking. Users can adjust the level based on their real-time knowledge of the signal-pickup effect.

Zero-Latency Monitoring
15° Inclination

15° Inclination in All Directions

SYNCO CMic-V1M technology works with a variety of devices, including desktops, laptops, iOS, and Android devices. The microphone may be angled to the ideal degree and the fashionable sound pickup effect is guaranteed thanks to the accompanying microphone stage, which has a 15-degree inclination in all directions.

SYNCO Special Features


TransducerElectret Condenser
Diaphragm SizeØ14mm
Frequency Response20Hz-20KHz
Sensitivity-45dB+3dB re 1 Volt/Pascal
Sampling Rate48KHz/24bit
Power Supply5V/1A
Max. SPL135dB (1KHz THD > 1%)
OutputType C
Net Weight295g
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