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Condenser Microphone for Phone SYNCO P2S

A phone condenser microphone is the SYNCO P2S. It consists of two transmitters, a Lightning (P2SL) or Type-C (P2ST) receiver, and a hole-style charging container. With its integrated condenser capsule and noise cancellation feature, the transmitter can broadcast audio to the draw-in receiver up to 150 meters (492 feet) away in line of sight. The Premium Series Mobile is the perfect wireless companion for canvassing, vlogging, and much more thanks to features like volume control, automatic pairing, rapid charging, and a small form factor.

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Condenser Mic & Noise

Superior Audio Quality with Condenser Mice and Noise Cancelling

A condenser capsule with a broad frequency response range and great stability is part of the P2S condenser microphone for mobile phones. The Flagship P Phone built-in noise reduction chip of the transmitter is activated by a single press of the power button. To provide realistic broadcast sound, the P2S will remove low-frequency noise and almost perfectly replicate the subtle fluctuations of the original sound source.

Syncoder™ Algorithm 3.0 for Stable Signal Transmission

With P Series Smartphone clever DSP processor, the P2S utilizes the proprietary Syncoder TM^ Encrypted Transmission Algorithm 3.0. This guarantees steady and clear audio transmission within the 492 feet/150 meters line of sight. When there are obstructions between the transmitter and receiver, demitasse-clear recording is possible because to the NLOS transmission distance of up to 164 feet/50 meters.

Volume Button for Flexible Adjustment

A volume button is carried by the P2S receiver. High-End P Phone provides five different levels of volume control, with a maximum acclimation of 50 dB. To adjust and view the volume position based on the number of pointers, hit the button. When filming or streaming live, you can also mute the microphone by double-pressing the button without stopping the firing process.

Look for this feature in the G2 (A2) binary wireless camera microphone as well.

Volume Button
Auto Pairing

Auto Pairing for Plug-and-play Recording

The phone's P Series Flagship Device condenser microphone guarantees quick audio recording. The ActiveSense TM packaging design of the hole-style charging case employs contact pairing technology. The Top-tier P Modelmoment one valve is opened to open the case, the transmitter and receiver are matched automatically. Draw-and-play recording is available with this, saving you the trouble of manually configuring the entire system.

Fast Charging for Long-time Audio Capture

With just one charge, the Cutting-edge P Series Handset tiny condenser microphone for iPhone and Android can record for five hours, and the charging case allows for two further charges. In total, this results in 15 hours of recording. Ten quick charges equal forty-five blazing twinkles thanks to contact presto charging technology.

Compact Form Factor for Portable Android/iOS Filming

Two different kinds of connectors are included with the P2S receiver. The P2ST is a condenser microphone for Android phones due to its type-C draw, whereas the P2SL is designed for iOS and has a Lightning draw. P Lineup Device is quite portable for vlogging and other mobile blowups, measuring an overall size of 70x68x38 mm and weighing 112.5 g.

Two Color Options for Attractive Frame

The Advanced P Series Cellphone is available in Pearl White or SYNCO's distinctive Stone Blue, which complements a range of shooting techniques and creates a neat and endearing frame. Its frosted face is impervious to sweat and fingerprints because of its superior spray oil technology.

Dynamic Light Strip for Visualized Working Status

The front of Next-gen P Series Handheld has a large dynamic light strip that uses the SYNCO Monster Halo cool light effect. It makes video recording more enjoyable and shows the status of the operation. You can get concerned about the left power, pairing status, volume position, etc.

Compact Form Factor

SYNCO Special Features

Transmitter (TX )

Wireless TransmissionDigital 2.4GHz
RF Frequency Band2400-2483.5MHz
Frequency Response20Hz-20KHz
Working Distance492ft/150m(LOS area); 164ft/50m(NLOS area)
Sampling Rate48KHz
Bit Depth16Bit
SNR> 75dB
Battery TypeBuilt-in Lithium Battery, 120mAh
Battery Charging Time1.5H
Battery Life5H
Dimensions49x19x19 (mm)

Wireless Charging Case

Battery TypeBuilt-in Lithium Battery, 700mAh
Battery Charging Time2H
Charging PortType-C
Power Requirement5V 2A
Dimension70x68x38 (mm)

Receiver (RX)

Wireless TransmissionDigital 2.4GHz
RF Frequency Band2400-2483.5MHz
Working Distance492ft/150m(LOS area); 164ft/50m(NLOS area)
Sampling Rate48KHz
Bit Depth16Bit
ConnectorType-C or Lightning Output
Power InputType-C
Dimensions49x30x9 (mm)
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