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Directional microphone SYNCO U3 for DSLR, PC, Android, and iPhone®

The SYNCO MMic- U3 is a directional microphone for iPhone ®, Android, computer, and DSLR. It forcefully connects to smartphones with an innovative attraction design. With its cardioid volley pattern and interference tube technology, the SYNCO MMic-U3 microphone aims to capture sound directly in front of it while blocking out background noise, making it an excellent choice for recording, ideal for live sluice, vlogging, and video conferencing.

Interference Tube Enhanced

Interference Tube Enhanced Directional Pickup

Hindrance tube technology is used by the SYNCO U3 iPhone ® directional microphone to improve directionality. The SYNCO MMic-U3 comparison mic is particularly suited for interviews, video conferences, and other live performances since the tube creates a position restriction on the capsule and the audio surge cancellation removes the majority of off-axis sound and impacts no audio right in front of the tube.

Magnetic Absorption

The streaming directional microphone has a gorgeous immersion feature that firmly attaches to the face of the essence. Users can attach SYNCO MMic-U3 quality to phone covers, phone clamps, and smartphones thanks to its two appropriate essence plates. Additionally, the SYNCO MMic-U3 features a 1/4 screw and offers a means of connecting to cameras.

Magnetic Absorption
Auto Sensing Function

Auto Sensing Function

Moreover, the iPhone directional microphone may be connected to Android bias and cameras by using the Type-C to 3.5 mm TRRS string that is included. Without the need for a duplicate TRS string, SYNCO MMic-U3 performance can automatically adjust for the TRS bias. In the meantime, SYNCO MMic-U3 specs recognize the connection status and turn it on or off to reduce unnecessary power use.

Note ① For some bias, a Type-C or Lightning appendage may be required. The SYNCO MMic-U3 review bundle does not include either. ⑯ For iOS bias, the bus-switch function isn't available

Optional Low Cut & Stepless Gain Control

Together with the high-viscosity windshield, the SYNCO U3 may reduce undesired low-frequency wind, breath, and vibration noise at 75 Hz and 150 Hz through the voluntary low cut. Stepless gain control with a range of 0 to 15 DB aids in accurately boosting the SYNCO MMic-U3 compatibility microphone signal to the desired level. Each of these characteristics guarantees a crisp sound experience while reducing sound distortion.

Optional Low Cut
Real-time Monitoring

Real-time Monitoring

Users can immediately connect their earphones to their phones' microphones via the 3.5 mm monitoring connection, which enables them to observe the real-time signal pickup result and adjust the recording level accordingly.

Upgraded Algorithm

The phone's small directional microphone can run on a rechargeable Li-ion battery for up to 40 hours when used at the medium level (examiner). When SYNCO MMic-U3 USB microphone runs out of juice, just use the Type-C fast charger to recharge it for an additional 40 hours of playback. It takes about two hours to fully charge the smartphone.

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40-Hour Battery Life

SYNCO Special Features


Sound FieldMono
TransducerElectret Condenser
Polar PatternCardioid
Frequency Range50Hz-12KHz
Gain Control0-15dB
Max. SPL105dB
Low CutLevel 1 at 75Hz; Level 2 at 150Hz
Output Power of Monitoring Jack100mW@32Ω
Audio Output CableType-C to TRRS (TRS Adaptive)
Power500mAH Lithium Battery
Charging RequirementDC+5V≥500mA
Battery LifeAbout 40 hours (Monitor at medium volume)
Dimensions (H x W x L)116 x 53 x 46mm
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