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SYNCO DSLR Camera Microphone M3

The DSLR camera microphone SYNCO M3 captures every detail to produce sound quality superior to that of any other microphone of similar size. This includes an industry-leading 3-position flexible gain control, an above-average 100Hz low-cut filter, and regular accessories. It contributes aural splendor to the current visual feast. This SYNCO Mic-M3 review DSLR microphone's robust construction makes SYNCO Mic-M3 sound quality ideal for use in documentaries, weddings, vlogs, and other events.

Supercardioid Pickup

Supercardioid Pickup Pattern

The super-cardioid pickup pattern of the DSLR SYNCO M3 on-camera microphone is great at reducing ambient noise and noise off-axis. The SYNCO Mic-M3 user manual condenser capsule produces a natural, asked sound while capturing all audio details.

3-Level Gain Control

To enhance the input signals, a three-position gain control (-10dB, 0dB, and 10dB) is added to the professional SYNCO Mic-M3 specs DSLR camera microphone. When issues arise during the real-time, 3.5 mm affair interface-based monitoring, use it to directly control the recording.

3-Level Gain
LCF at 100Hz

LCF at 100Hz

The 100Hz low cut cutoff provided by the SYNCO Mic-M3 features DSLR camera external microphone M3 helps to eliminate low-frequency noises brought on by shake, tailwind, electrical current, or business. Consequently, the SYNCO Mic-M3 microphone audio that is clean, sharp, and free of annoying rumbles is recorded.

All-in Accessories

A cotton wind muff to reduce wind noise, a shock mount built by PA to reduce unexpected shake, an oil poke to protect this SYNCO Mic-M3 price DSLR camera microphone from scratches, and 3.5 mm TRS/TRRS lines to be adjusted to further bias are all included in the bundle.

All-in Accessories
LED Indicator

LED Indicator

This SYNCO Mic-M3 comparison camera microphone's LED index indicates its current operational state. If the mic functions properly, the indicator remains green; if not, SYNCO Mic-M3 availability turns off. There is no requirement for continuous audio bar monitoring or inspection.

Bag-friendly Design

The chic SYNCO Mic-M3 performance on-camera microphone, measuring Φ32 × 186 mm and weighing 52g, fits comfortably in a handbag. Simply remove it and begin recording whenever and anywhere you like.

Bag-friendly Design

SYNCO Special Features


Polar PatternSuper-cardioid
Frequency Response30Hz to 20KHz (HPF is optional at 100Hz)
Dynamic Range119dB
Signal/Noise>78dB (A-weighted)
Sensitivity-41dB±2dB RL=0.68KΩ Vs=1.5V (1KHz 0dB=1V/Pa)
Max. Input SPL135dB SPL
Output Impedance0.68KΩ 1KHz (RL=0.68KΩ)
Audio Monitoring3.5mm Headphone Jack
Gain Control+10dB, 0dB, -10dB
Low Cut100Hz Low Cut Optional
Connector3.5mm TRS/TRRS
Power RequirementDC 1.2V (Two AAA Batteries)
Package Weight195g
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