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D Series Broadcast

SYNCO broadcast microphones, a category of highly directional mic, is the choice when there is a want to capture pristine sound that is pretty far away. It pulls the sound toward the mic, protecting it from all the other undesired noises. So the sound is perfectly clear in full details.

SYNCO keeps pace with the best broadcast microphone development and continues creating, testing, and re-testing all the components needed to capture clear, crisp sound on set. So far, we have launched 3 super- or hyper-cardioid shotgun microphones for broadcast in total.

D1 features 78dB SNR, CNC brass metal construction,

G Series 2.4G Wireless

The new 2.4 GHz wireless microphone system is developed to be a revolution. It uses a 2.4 GHz band to achieve a peer-to-peer connection, making an uncompromising commitment to long-distance transmission, high-quality sound, and user-friendliness. This revolutionary kit contains 2 keywords - Easy and Compliance.

Easy: As a digital sound transmission system, it is able to sniff out where occupied frequencies are and are not, and is also great at communicating with other mics and self-coordinating.

Compliance: It can be used in nearly every country around the world without a license, in the same frequency range, giving users

T Series UHF Wireless

SYNCO, a wireless microphone manufacturer in China, provides the best wireless microphones on UHF band with a built-in mission: stay adjustable, stay true. We allow a choice of several channels and the use of multiple wireless microphone systems at the same time in the same location. Our wireless microphones allows public speakers, interviewers, performers, and entertainers to move freely, avoids cabling problems commonly existing with wired microphones, and reduces the occurrence of cable trip hazards during performing.

Different from our G Series 2.4GHz Wireless Microphones, the UHF wireless microphone systems offers much longer, more stable, and

M Series Camera

SYNCO camera microphones are a compact, light series of shotgun microphones that delivers clear, detailed sound to DSLR in particular, as well as mirrorless, video cameras, and mobile devices. “Ready-to-go” is definitely the keyword.

The unique shockproof design is the solution. The mic suspension design in M1 allows the mic to suspend over other components and completely protect the mic from collision with other components. The robust shock mount in both M1 and M3 isolates the mic from vibration noises. All this keeps the microphone for camera securely fastened in place while on the go.


S Series Lavalier

SYNCO lavalier microphones are a series of small, compact, portable microphones for daily use. It picks up nothing but the human voice. It is a great option for interviews, live streaming, podcasting, public speaking, teaching, etc. where hands-free operation is very necessary.

SYNCO upgrades and launches such wired lavalier microphones based on market demand and user experience. S6 is the first wired lapel mic released for common use. It carries typical functions and design features of the best lavalier microphone, such as wide device compatibility, long audio cable, and omnidirectional sound pickup. Then, S6D is p

E Series Instrument

There is a special SYNCO instrument microphone for any challenges facing the recorder: how to pick up the sound of an instrument purely; how to deal with the rude recording, either on stage or on the road; how to record quality sound without disturbing the musician...

To date, SYNCO has launched only 1 instrument condenser microphone - E10. But it is a microphone to suit your needs and budget. We are still on the way to develop the best microphones for recording, especially the instrument recording, and we are sure to excel in all disciplines that challenge each recorder.

V Series Condenser

A condenser microphone, simply put, features an internal diaphragm that functions like a capacitor allowing it to capture a much wider range of frequencies than other types of mics. The delicate construction of the lightweight diaphragm makes the mic much more sensitive, therefore capturing sound with great accuracy.

SYNCO V Series is a selection of quality condenser microphones. It is an ideal choice for studio recording, or for capturing quality sound when podcasting and even live streaming in closed environments.

If you value detail, clarity across all frequencies, and fidelity, you need a V1. SYNCO CMic-V1 is a large

K Series Vlogging

Intended to make life easy for content creators, SYNCO provides every piece of vlogging equipment needed to create online video content on mobile devices. We even enter in product areas we have never got involved in, like LED lights. All this aims to make life simpler for potential buyers and meanwhile, provide a product range complete and ready for current and future dealers.

Hence, the brand-new all-in-one SYNCO vlogger kits were announced to become additions to our range of creative solutions for every recording situation. Carefully designed as a mobile film-making package, they feature a high-quality condenser microphone, a LED light, a mini tripod and accessories. The M1S