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CMic-V1 is the first USB powered large diaphragm condenser microphone of SYNCO. It features studio-grade specifications providing extended dynamic range, warm & clear sound, and strong SPL capability, and includes everything for live streaming, as well as for perfect recording in outdoor speech and home studio where sound detail capture is a necessity.

Large Diaphragm for Accurate Pickup
SYNCO V1, a professional condenser microphone, carries a large diaphragm condenser capsule to precisely convert sound waves into mic signals, accurately pick up sound and deliver highly restored sound. The gold plated PTFE diaphragm is highly sensitive, allowing the mic to reproduce subtle sounds.

Studio-grade Params for Master-quality Sound
The 20Hz—20KHz frequency response offers flexibility to accurately reproduce signals from varied sources, and the 16bit/ 48KHz sampling rate brought by inbuilt DSP chip makes nice flat response to voice. They work with the anti-interference metal construction to provide higher-than-CD sound.

Sound Focused for Neutral Pickup
The cardioid polar pattern reduces pickup of sounds from sides and rear and improves isolation of desired sound source. With high SPL capturing loud signals with minimal noise and distortion and excellent transient response allowing this electret condenser microphone to follow sound waves more accurately, it gives an original and detailed sound image.

USB-powered Operation for Simple Recording
The USB/ OTG cable provides the USB condenser microphone V1 with a direct, convenient connection to computer, phone or tablet. It ensures a stable 5V power supply and a secure and excellent signal transfer without any drivers. It’s never been easier to get quality sound from singing, gaming, chatting, etc.

User-friendly Design for Easy Use
A 3.5mm headphone output allows real-time audio monitoring; the gain control and mute buttons support easier and quicker adjustment; the desktop holder provides convenience for dubbing, live streaming, etc.

Transducer:-    Electret Condenser
Frequency Response:-    20Hz-20KHz
Signal/Noise:- ≥82dB
Max. SPL:- 122dB SPL
Sensitivity:- -45dB±1dB@1KHz
Impedance:- 16Ω
Output Connector:- USB
Power Requirement:- USB DC 5.0V
Power Consumption:- 5V 125mA
Dimensions:- 51mm(H)×51mm(W)×185mm(D)
Weight:- 368g

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