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SYNCO Mic-D2, a professional hypercardioid condenser broadcast microphone, is an excellent choice for video & audio recording. It carries a solid brass construction, extremely low self-noise, ultra-flat frequency response, and a gold plated XLR connector. It can be mounted on boom poles and tripods, and can be connected to camcorders easily with a XLRM-XLRF cable. 

Hypercardioid Polar Pattern
Adopting hypercardioid polar pattern and sound wave interference technology, Mic-D2 shotgun mic is highly sensitive to certain directional sound (-32dB±3dB), and can effectively attenuates off-axis sound (-18dB) to achieve best sound pickup effect.

Ultra-flat Frequency Response
The frequency response range is 20Hz—20KHz. With ultra-flat frequency response, Mic-D2 outputs all the frequencies that we can hear at once and produces accurate natural sound from the source.

Solid Brass Body
CNC machined brass metal body guarantees the solid construction with high anti-interference, which is great for outdoor audio recording and crisp sound pickup. Black speckle finish allows this good recording microphone to work normally even in the rain, and to reflect no light when filming on formal occasions.

Extremely Low Self-noise
The professional shotgun microphone Mic-D2 has an ultra low noise floor at 12dB (A-weighted), 24dB (CCIR 268-3). The SNR is 80dB, which means that the mic can maximally transfer the desired signal while reducing the background noise. Its broadcast audio performance precedes most microphones’ on the market.

Gold Plated XLR Connector
Universal gold-plated shielded 3-pin XLR connector brings interference-free signal transfer. The broadcaster mic can be connected to most camcorders, boom poles, tripods with a standard 19.7 inches XLRM-XLRF cable.

Transducer:-    Back Electret Condenser
Polar Pattern:-    Hyper-Cardioid
Frequency Response:-    20Hz to 20KHz
Dynamic Range:-    117dB (1KHz at Max. SPL)
Signal/Noise:-    80dB (1KHz at 1Pa)
Sensitivity:-    -32dB±3dB (1dB=1V/Pa at 1KHz)
Max. Input SPL:-    130dB (T.H.D≤1% at 1KHz)
Output Impedance:-    450Ω±20% (at 1KHz)
Output Interface:-    XLRM
Power Requirement:-    48V DC, 2mA
Dimensions:-    0.75*9.84 inches
Weight:-    165g

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