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SYNCO WMic-T3 is a 1-trigger-2 UHF professional wireless microphone allowing 180m signal transmission at max. It has an inbuilt audio signal processing chip to filter radio-frequency interference and a 75Hz/150Hz low cut filter to reduce undesired noises. All this is intended to deliver pristine sound. This best wireless lavalier microphone is packed with professional keys, including multiple channels, seeable LCD screen, mute mode, and chargeable lithium battery. It is a perfect choice for hands-free, long-distance, extended-period filming.

1 Triggering 2, Mono or Stereo
SYNCO WMic-T3 is a 1-trigger-2 UHF wireless mic. With 2 in-built superior antennas, the receiver acquires signals from 2 transmitters, ensuring stable audio transmission and avoiding signal dropouts. Users are allowed to choose output mode, mono or stereo, which is beneficial to audio post-processing.

100 Channels, Co-recording Systems
WMic-T3 UHF wireless microphone system offers 100 channels that are different in working frequency to enable several systems to work together without interference. Auto-scanning channel and IR Sync make setup quicker.

180m Transmission, 75Hz/150Hz LCF
WMic-T3 wireless microphone works within 180m/590.55ft line-of-sight and 100m/328.08ft in barrier area. The inbuilt audio signal processing chip and selectable 75Hz/150Hz low cut filter precisely process the audio waves and improve the sound quality to a broadcast level.

LCD Screen, Easy Use
The LCD screen on this small wireless microphone displays signal strength, battery life, volume, current channel and the full menu, very convenient for real-time check and necessary adjustment. The reset key is used for forced shutdown and initialization when there is messy setting or machine error.

No Mute Button, Continued Mute Mode
The wireless lavaliere microphone system removes the Mute Button and retains the Muting function on the menu page, a move to avoid accident button press and undesired muting mode and meanwhile to stop noise output when there is a pause in recording. The 3.5mm headphone output on the receiver gives a way to monitor the sound anytime.  

All Day Long Working, Life Long Use
Powered by built-in lithium battery, WMic-T3 rechargeable wireless microphone runs for 10 hours at most. This is enough for whole-day filming. It also supports charging while recording. The all-metal (aluminum alloy) construction makes it durable and anti-interference.


Transmitter (TX):- Channel 100 Group A Wireless Frequency:- UHF 512~537MHz Group B Wireless Frequency:- UHF 564~589MHZ Transducer:- Condenser Polar Pattern:- Omnidirectional Antenna:- 1/4 Wavelength Wire Antenna Transmit Power:- 10mW/30mW Stray Radiation:- ?-60dBc Sound Delay:- ?20ms Low-cut Filter:- 75Hz/150Hz Audio Output:- Mono/Stereo Screen LCD Display Audio Distortion:- ?0.5%@1KHz Working Distance:- 180m in line-of-sight area / 100m in barrier area Power :- Type-C Charging :- ≤3.5H, DC5V@≥1000mA Battery:- Built-in Li-ion Battery, 3.7V@1800mA/H Working Time:- 10h Material:- Aluminum Alloy Compatibility:- For Camera/Camcorder/Smartphone Dimensions: 94×58×20.3mm Working Temp.:- 0 ~ +50 Storage Temp.:- -20~ +60
Receiver (RX) Channel:- 100 Group A Wireless Frequency:- UHF 512~537MHz Group B Wireless Frequency:- UHF 564~589MHZ Signal / Noise:- ≥85dB Sensitivity:- –95dBm Antenna 1/4 Wavelength Wire Antenna Sound Delay:- ?20ms Headphone Output Power:- 100mW@32Ω Audio Output:- Mono/Stereo Volume:- 0-15 Level Screen:- LCD Display Audio Distortion:- ?0.5%@1KHz Working Distance:- 180m in line-of-sight area:- 100m in barrier area Power:- Type-C Charging≤3.5H, DC5V@≥1000mA Battery Built-in Li-ion Battery, 3.7V@1800mA/H Working Time:- 10h Material: Aluminum Alloy Compatibility: For Camera/Camcorder/Smartphone Dimension: 94×58×20.3mm Working Temp.: 0 ~ +50 Storage Temp.: -20 ~ +60

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