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Full Duplex 2.4GHz SYNCO Xtalk Wireless Intercom Headset

With unmatched security and dependability, the SYNCO Xtalk wireless intercom headset lineup raises the bar for team communication. With its low power consumption of 2.4 GHz and sophisticated SYNCO MasterFree Algorithm, it ensures smooth team communication for a maximum of 18 users. With its integrated condenser mic, this forefront headset reduces ambient noise to provide unparalleled clarity and crystal-clear recording of sound in any setting.

It has feather-light mobility and a dependable two-way communication range of up to 350 meters (LOS). Because of all of them, it's the best option for productive teamwork in live broadcasting, company conferences, theatrical performances, and filmmaking.


MasterFree Wireless Intercom Headset System at 2.4GHz Frequency

Unlock group communication's full potential with the ground-breaking SYNCO MasterFree Algorithm. The master headset can be configured to be any Xtalk headset. This eliminates the problems caused by a broken master and permits variable group configuration. The uninterrupted and dependable transmission is guaranteed by the 2.4GHz wireless frequency band.

Unique One-Button Remotes Muting Function

The "Mute All Remotes" feature in live-streaming sessions is mirrored in the dominant mode. The Master now has a powerful one-button ability to automatically mute all remotes during distracting conversations or evidence, assuring full focus on the Master's dialogue to improve communication and professionalism.

Expanded Team Communication to a 350m Distance

Expanded Team Communication to a 350m Distance

When both remotes are attached to the master, the SYNCO Xtalk full duplex wireless intercom headset has an amazing range of R350m (LOS) and Ø700m (LOS). And courtesy of the SYNCO Quick Re-Link Technology, there's no need to go far to reconnect. This wireless headset intercom system is ideal for high-profile events, including live performances, TV programs, religious ceremonies, and filming.

Experience-enhancing AEC Spanning from 150Hz to 7kHz

With the Xtalk wireless intercom headset, enjoy audio clarity that has never been better. This wireless headset intercom, which is outfitted with cutting-edge AEC technology, removes echoes, reverberation, and unwelcome background noise to ensure crystal-clear voice recognition even in noisy settings. With just a button press, you can engage the noise-canceling feature of the One-Button Clarity design, ensuring that communication is clear and effective.

Experience-enhancing AEC Spanning from 150Hz to 7kHz
Wireless Intercom Headset with 3.5mm Real-time Monitorin

Wireless Intercom Headset with 3.5mm Real-time Monitorin

Observe how to take advantage of One's unique wired headset functionality and real-time monitoring! You can monitor audio from cameras and recorders while maintaining seamless team communication—all without the need for an additional headset. Ideal for field control staff supervising the shooting process and meeting the demands of directors, supervisors, commanders, and other individuals on-set.

Connect All Day with Rechargeable and Replaceable Batteries

The Xtalk's low-power design and recharged and replaceable batteries allow you to simply power up your headset for up to 24 hours of use. Additionally, its 1050mAh replaceable battery function lets you swap out your worn-out backup battery for one that is fully charged. Your charging efficiency is improved with the 2-slot charging station. Maintain communication and connectivity throughout the day with assurance in the Xtalk efficient battery system's endurance.

Connect All Day with Rechargeable and Replaceable Batteries
Optimized Portability and Durability for On-the-go

Optimized Portability and Durability for On-the-go

Each Xtalk wireless intercom headset is made of smooth leather and lightweight ABS materials, weighing only 188 grams (6 ounces) including the battery, allowing comfortable use over an extended period. The improved over-ear leather cushion fits the ear, offering improved comfort and stability, which makes it perfect for demanding work settings.

Unlimited Connectivity for up to 18-person Group Communication

Never skimp on the communication you require. OTA updates can be used to upgrade an Xtalk device with SYNCO GroupSync Plus Tech so that it can support up to 18 group connections without a hub. Appreciate the convenience of simplified group growth, which guarantees smooth interactions and improved performance. Regardless of the size or makeup of your team, we commit to fulfilling your communication needs.


SYNCO Special Features


Wireless TechnologyDigital 2.4GHz
Transmission ModeFull-Duplex
Operating Range350m (LOS)
Frequency Band2.4GHz
LatencyAbout 120ms
Approximate RF Sensitivity<-90dBm
Radio Output Frequency20dBm
PowerUSB-C 5V
Battery Capacity1050mAh Li-ion Battery
Working Time24H
Charging TimeAbout 2.5H
Frequency Response150Hz~7KHz
Signal-To-Noise Ratio≥ 65dB
Distortion<1 %
Microphone TypeCondenser Microphone
Max Input Sound Pressure Level>115dBSPL
Output Sound Pressure LevelTypical 98+3dBSPL (at 94dBSPL 1KHz)
WeightAbout 188g (Battery Included)
Temperature Range0~+45° C (Working Status);
-20~+60° C (Storage Condition)
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