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Synco WAir-G2-A2 PRO 2-Person Wireless Microphone

  • For Journalists and Content Creators
  • 2 x Transmitters with Built-In Mic + Lav
  • Dual-Channel Receiver
  • 3.5mm, USB-C Compatibility
  • Noise Reduction, Dual Gain Control
  • 6 dB Safety Channel
  • Plug-and-Play Interface
  • TFT Displays on Both Units
  • 656′ Line-of-Sight Transmission Distance
  • Charging Case, Built-In Batteries



The Synco WAir-G2-A2 PRO 2-Person Wireless Microphone System is ideal for content creators and mobile journalists utilizing multiple devices to record two-person interviews and vlogs due to the system’s wide compatibility from DSLR and mirrorless cameras to smartphones and mobile devices. The system features two transmitters with built-in microphones, a dual-channel receiver, two lavalier microphones, and a charging case to hold the devices and replenish their battery. Easily setup and record from up to 656′ away thanks to the system’s plug-and-play interface and included cables.



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